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Nutrition Advice from Tim Scallon

True Love and Chocolate I remember Dad giving his mother on special occasions a box of chocolate covered cherries.  And I’m told by those of that generation that this was a prized gift.  Dark colored berries like cherries are very nutrient dense, however from ... read more →

Realize Your Dreams With the new year, we all begin looking for ways to be a better person.  Some look inward and some look outward.  Both are aspects of our whole person.  For some the “outward” might be losing that extra weight that ... read more →

Stews to Make Memories Someone once said, “Soup remains a faithful friend during all of life’s occasions.”  Making soups and stews can be intimately linked to life’s rhythms; daily work, the change of seasons, occasions special or ordinary, time with family and friends.  Soups ... read more →

Brain Health and Passwords How many passwords do you have?  At last count, I had fifteen!  My parents never had a single password to remember.  They only had one telephone number and that phone was attached to the wall!  They weren’t bombarded by commercials ... read more →