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Nutrition Advice from Tim Scallon

Realize Your Dreams With the new year, we all begin looking for ways to be a better person.  Some look inward and some look outward.  Both are aspects of our whole person.  For some the “outward” might be losing that extra weight that ... read more →

Stews to Make Memories Someone once said, “Soup remains a faithful friend during all of life’s occasions.”  Making soups and stews can be intimately linked to life’s rhythms; daily work, the change of seasons, occasions special or ordinary, time with family and friends.  Soups ... read more →

Brain Health and Passwords How many passwords do you have?  At last count, I had fifteen!  My parents never had a single password to remember.  They only had one telephone number and that phone was attached to the wall!  They weren’t bombarded by commercials ... read more →

Whole Grains You often hear healthy guidelines recommend whole grains.  Because of the myriad of marketing labels used on food packaging such as “multi grain”, “cracked wheat”, “whole wheat”, it’s not surprising that consumers are confused about this basic food.  The FDA ... read more →