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Nutrition Advice

Nutrition Wisdom from Yesterday In 1875, a young man from the Midwest received his medical degree from New York University School of Medicine.  In a few short years of practice in Battle Creek Michigan, he became known for his expertise in healthy living.  He ... read more →

Protein, A Misunderstood Nutrient One of the most misunderstood nutrients today is protein.  During the 1940’s and 50’s when many Americans were children, their parents lived during a time of want.  They suffered the hunger of the great depression and rationing during the second ... read more →

What Does Your Gut Tell You? Did you ever get a gut feeling about someone or something?  As the ever-unfolding story of science continues, it turns out that we get a lot of communication from our gut to our brain.   In fact, this two-way communication ... read more →

True Love and Chocolate I remember Dad giving his mother on special occasions a box of chocolate covered cherries.  And I’m told by those of that generation that this was a prized gift.  Dark colored berries like cherries are very nutrient dense, however from ... read more →