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Inpatient Hospice Care

In a patient's final days, it may not be possible to provide care in the home, a nursing home or residential facility. Brief periods of hospitalization may be necessary when acute symptoms become uncontrollable with medication alone. The Hospice in the Pines In-Patient Facility at CHI St. Luke's Health Memorial Lufkin can provide in-patient care as needed.

Opened in July 2005, the inpatient facility has five private bedrooms and is staffed solely by Hospice in the Pines staff. The unit is designed for patients who are in need of crisis or pain management, actively dying or needing respite care. All admissions are assessed by the Director of Clinical Care or the Program Director.

Access to rooms is available at all times; however, a staff person must unlock the doors at certain hours due to Hospital regulations. Security cameras are available for staff to ensure patient safety. Private parking and a family room are both available for use by family members.

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